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  • 11th Sunday 2018 Awareness
    Jesus never turns away those who came seeking repentance and forgiveness, but it is typically only the ill, the disabled, the scorned, the broken-hearted and the rejected who recognise their need and seek new life without the illusion of control.
  • 13th Sunday in Ordinary Tim
  • 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year C
    Evil, hatred, and indifference will always annihilate itself as it turns inwards to devour itself. Evil hatred and indifference have no creative power except that which it appropriates from the creative and transformative power of Love. God is love as God is also Creator and this is the moving force of all creation. This is the Good News ... See More
  • 13th Sunday Year B 2018
    Like Christ, we also are called to reflect beauty and grace as the foundation of the Good News that aligns itself with Truth, the Incarnation as God’s language; in whose very breath, we share in the ongoing exciting and vital creative process of Christifying our world and becoming Christ like.
  • 14 Sunday Year C 2019
    Sin is really big business, and no, I don't mean just for pimps and politicians. When we link sin to the Babylon effect of transactions and repayments, we have a ready and marketable commodity.
  • 14th Sunday Fear and Rejection
    “What am I afraid of beginning or of leaving behind in order to become the kind of person I know I am really called to be?”
  • 14th Sunday In Ordinary Time Year A
    The Joy of Simplicity
  • 15TH Sunday C 2019 Good Samaritan
    If one has to be pleasing to me, comforting, reassuring, before I can love them, then I cannot truly love them . . . If a person has to be a Jew or a Christian before I can love them, then I cannot love them. If they have to be black or white before I can love them, then I cannot love them. If they have to belong to my political party or ... See More
  • 15th Sunday Paradox & the Pilgrim
  • 15th Sunday Year A
  • 16th Sunday C 2019 Martha & Mary
    Without a map of our illusions, we are in a maze without any hope of escape. This is the nature of sin which gives power and authority to the passions and dramas of the egoistic being that enslaves us and blinds us. Gazing ever deeper into the eyes of Christ, we come to discover that mirror that will reflect and map that gives us the way ... See More
  • 16th Sunday Hope & Wisdom
    Notions of freedom and self-determination turn our human hearts away from the One who reveals Himself as the one who is the I AM, the source of all being before time began and after time will cease for each one of us. Yet without this reference to the God who is transcendent; God who is both with us but also outside of time and space, ... See More
  • 17th Sunday: The pearl of great value
  • 17th Sunday Year B Focus on the Light
    Do I find myself always pointing towards the darkness, the lack, the limitations and the absence of good? Jesus invites us all to come with him on a journey towards the multiplying of light and goodness in our world. If we together place our vision and our hope into the hands of Jesus, the kingdom will indeed shine as brightly as the sun.
  • 17th Sunday Year C 2019
    The "Our Father", is the prayer of 1.2 billion Catholics and a further 1 billion of other Christian denominations around the world, in every place, in every occasion; in times of celebration, in times of grief and in times of uncertainty. Perhaps we may sometimes also forget that this prayer is said in virtually every language ... See More
  • 18 Sunday 2018 Wisdom & Compassion
    Seeing is not believing and facts just do not convince us.
    As the light of faith and spirituality decreases, we are ever more in the grips of a terrible pandemic! A creeping epidemic with worldwide roots. The author Oliver James gives it a name…and its name is ‘affluenza'. This virus-like condition spreading through our societies, in which people define themselves by how much money they ... See More
  • 19th Sunday Hunger, Food and Forgiveness
    What does it mean to have life until the age to come?
    All of us live as though we have more time; more time to do things; more time to be with loved ones and to love and be loved; more time to live. Yet our aversion of death and our clinging to the youth of our past cancer easily traps us in illusion. As Eric Fromm, the German ... See More
  • 19th Sunday Year C 2019 Finding Freedom
    Our choice today will form our identity; are we to be children of the kingdom of God, or do we choose to be children of the world. The apostles and the Saints have been given to us as the foundation of our hope, so that we also can only say, "Where shall we go O' Lord, for you have the words of eternal life?" These are the ... See More
  • 1st Lent C 2019 Death & Grief
    It is only after we have met and embraced this death and grief and the loss of our investment in the assumptions about self, life and the world that we are capable of that spaciousness needed to take God’s hand.
  • 20th Sunday  - Compassion
    As long as we keep our compassion for the other, we can always move forward towards new life. This is a compassion that we need to find for the unclean, the oppressor and our enemies. Any other way leads only to darkness and death for both oppressed and oppressor.
  • 20th Sunday Year b: GOD HAS A PLAN
    This Word that has become one of us in Jesus the Christ, is the Light to lead us back to Truth and Beauty. Once more we are offered the Gift of Love, God’s very self, given to us in the Eucharist, the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus the Christ. This is not some dead flesh and blood that a carnivore would devour.
  • 21st Sunday C The Right Path
    Is my life headed in the right direction? Have I chosen the right path? A Jew comes up to the Jewish teacher we call Jesus and asks him a loaded question, “Lord, is it the case that those being saved are few?” In Hebrew, the name ‘Yeshua’ was well understood by the Jewish people to mean ‘God saves’: God saves us from our sins.
  • 21st Sunday To be Known, Seen and Heard
    It is in the faces of those on the fringes, persecuted, forgotten and hungry that we come face to face with Jesus.
  • 21st Sunday Year B Belief & Knowledge
    First comes love. But how can I love without knowing?
    God is Love and the heartbeat of this Love resounds through the cosmos. “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of life in the Age. We have both trusted and known that you are the holy one of God.”
  • 22nd Sunday Year B
    The Gospel warns us about reading the message through our cultural and ethnic prejudices; against judgements being passed by an elite who are isolated from the reality of people's experiences.
  • 23rd Sunday C 2019 The Family
    The family is seen as a beautiful blueprint of God's sacred plan showing reciprocal love, care, and support. Yet there is another side to this, the darker side where evil, manipulation, and oppression hide behind a mask of sacred custom.
  • 23 Sunday Year B Regaining our voices
    Regaining our Voices: This is also the urgent call to the laity of our church so that you may find your voices in the assembly to hold this power accountable. This is the power that claims to serve the people and must therefore be accountable for this promise. We can neither expropriated nor silence this hearing of the Word that must in ... See More
  • 24 Sunday C 2019 Jerusalem
    When last have I invited somebody to come with me to Jesus, to taste and see that the Lord is Good, to experience compassion, mercy and forgiveness? Lord as you will, Lord as you know, Have mercy, Have mercy.
  • 24 Sunday Year B -EYE SEE YOU
    What does love
    look like
    through the
    broken links in
    the chain of
  • 25th Sunday C 2019 The world is burning
    The Amazon rainforests are burning, the Siberian forests of burning; the fires are burning in Greece, in Spain, in France, in Turkey, and Greenland, and so we beat our breasts and wail like a mother in labour. And yet, and yet oh Lord, have we call ourselves righteous not also walked hand-in-hand with the Babylon beast?
  • 26 Sunday C Lazarus & Dives
    Jesus speaks directly to our world today; who have you excluded from your borders? Why have you imprisoned my children? Why are you blind to the cry of all those excluded, the marginalised and the hungry, the immigrant and the foreigner? Why are you deaf to the cry of our burning world? On Sundays you cry to God for help and sustenance, ... See More
  • 27th Sunday Year C 2019 Faith & Pride
    Doubt and faith, mix either with pride and the concoctions are toxic. Those proud in their faith, those proud in their doubts, both are terrors. As Dietrich Bonhoeffer stood before the Nazi machinery of evil that sought to destroy ‘good’, he noted that this terror of evil mimicked good perfectly. This was an evil that appeared good, the ... See More
  • 28th Sunday C 2019 Ten Lepers
    We hear the groaning! With creation, we share a collective wound. All joy is gone and we feel that something important has gone, something has been lost. We still live the same life, perhaps even better than before, yet we are not happy, we are not satisfied, and we are impatient. No matter how much I have, no matter how much I have been ... See More
  • 28th Sunday of Year A Chosen and called
    We have something of the chicken and the egg situation here! Surely I have to be chosen to be called? And so round and round we go. Besides leaving us with something of a conundrum, it appears here that God is not the author of our salvation, but that we are required to do the good work so that ... See More
  • 29 Sunday C 2019 Prayer & Hope
    This is an insane and dangerous time for our world facing ecological, financial and social implosion. It is particularly dangerous because of the collective toxic psychosis of denial and disconnection. As a global community, we are asleep and we are in denial. It has taken a young girl overcoming her own fear and panic to speak to the ... See More
  • 29th Sunday: Whose Image do I see
    Do I have a transcendent vocation that is inherent in intrinsic human dignity? Is this transcendent vocation the mission of a privileged few that fit neatly into my category of “redeemed” or is God’s love and mercy much wider, and perhaps even open to all?
  • 2nd Sunday Year C 2019
    As within all families, so even within the strongest bonds of unity, we find the tendency towards discord and strife. Observe closely the human desire to be the source of what is good, true and beautiful. “I am the most level-headed person I know.” Within the pious community this translates as, “this is orthodoxy while that is ... See More
  • 30 SUNDAY C 2019 Pharisee/ Tax Collector
    The eyes of Love can only see with Mercy and the acts of Mercy are compassion and forgiveness. When we gaze on our beloved, we do not compare, there is no judgement and how could there ever be any condemnation. This is the way of Love and the path of redemption.
  • 30 Sunday : Love has a new mistress
    This Sunday we reflect once more on how we may return to find the source of Love who is also our healer, our joy, our hope and our life. This is the only source who can lead us from darkness to light, from despair to hope and from death to immortality.
  • 31st Sunday Year A: Christ Weeps
    This day Jesus the Christ admonishes us that we are called to seek out the last place and to serve as he served; giving hope to the outcast and defeated; healing the untouchable and the unworthy and freeing their shoulders from the burden of law and guilt.
  • 31 Sunday C The Sycamore Tree
    Jesus, the Christ is the fruit from the tree of life and today he helps us to understand the reconciling power of justice that restores.
  • 32nd Sunday C Marriage & Heaven
    This holiness is participation and reflection of God who is Love. The desert fathers and mothers emphasised the primacy of Love and the purity of heart as essential to spiritual life and authentic communion with God. Where do we find this holiness so that we too may participate and reflect God’s Love into our world?
  • 32nd Sunday in Year A
    At every moment of every day we have a choice to make. Do I allow these past events, past acquaintances, past hurts, to define who and what I am and how I choose to act in this present moment.
  • 33rd Sunday C 2019
    Where the note is harsh and strident; where it lacks beauty, goodness, compassion, and love; this is how we come to know truth from falseness, even within ourselves.
  • 33rd  SUNDAY for 19th  November, 2017
    The church and our communities need people with one talent as much as those who has many talents. To illustrate this, William Shakespeare was very talented with words, considered by most to be the greatest writer of the English language. Very few people have had Shakespeare's gifts. But where would Shakespeare be without the ... See More
  • 4th Sunday Year C The value of Creation
    A moment of grace; to stop, to listen and to hear the gracious Words of Jesus and to be astonished, to be in awe! God’s creation is good, God’s creation is holy; it is the nature of God to Love God’s creation as part of God’s own being. All creation and every single life has limitless value in God’s eyes and therefore we pray to see as ... See More
  • 5th Sunday C Fear and Faith
    The key to living an uncompromising life of integrity lies in our ability to exercise discernment in each and every area of our lives. Failure to distinguish between truth and error leaves the Christian subject to illusion, fear and anxiety.
  • 7th Sunday C 2019 Fighting evil
    We are pointing our finger the wrong way! Our inability to distinguish between wickedness and evil both in the individual and corporate sin causes much division, intolerance, hurt and suffering.
  • 8th Sunday C 2019 Already yet Becoming
    The vulnerability of seeing and being seen as the Master, Jesus the Christ also was seen, “the wounded healer”.
  • Abuse & the Church: Sunday 5B
    Jesus silences evil so that it no longer has the last word; evil and death are overcome, not only in our hearts and in our minds but also in our bodies. Jesus is our hope as we stare into the abyss of the evil that seeks to engulf us.
  • Advent 1 2018 Listen to see
    Copy and paste… copy and paste; we keep telling the same stories, over and over again; everything that I have been taught to know; everything that validates my perceiving, my belief, my understanding, my thinking, my knowing and my interaction with the world. Anything else is deemed irrelevant. We are preoccupied and filled with our own ... See More
  • Advent 2 2018 God of Suprises
    A moment in time and in an instant everything changes; death, disease, accidents or that moment when we first recognise the love of our lives. Although it does and will continue to happen to each one of us, we are not prepared for these moments. There is an intake of breath, the heart stops and time slows as though it wants each moment ... See More
  • Advent 3 2018 Find Joy & Peace
    In order for us also do the will of ‘the One’ who sent Jesus, we need to free ourselves of the Babylon effect; the commercialisation of religion, the commercialisation of justice, peace and forgiveness as well as the commercialisation of love.
  • Advent 4 2018 Finding Hope
    We face the challenge of an inward journey of discovery; the reconnection not only with the “God with us”, but the reconnection with “God within us”. At the very core of our being we can come to recognise once more God’s Spirit, the Breath of God, and the Rua that animates God’s creation. Coming face-to-face once more with the Holy ... See More
  • Advent Sunday 2 2019
    John the Baptist words are prophetic, speaking for each one of us also, “the Christ must increase and we must decrease”. Each one of us is called to prepare the way for the Lord so that we may become the true image of the exemplar, that divine exemplar of the Christ that is already within us. We miss the mark when we give power and ... See More
  • Advent Sunday 3 2019 Rejoice
    Even for that great saint and Prophet, St John the Baptist, the incredible largess proclaimed by the kingdom of God, was a difficult thing to bear, and so doubt crept into his mind. Had he been misled at the baptism of Jesus? Where was the brimstone and fire that would wipe out evil? At the baptism on the Jordan, John had first-hand ... See More
  • Advent Sunday 4A 2019
    This is God, both our mother and our father, who refuses to be God without us. This is “God with us” that we celebrate in the birth of every child; this is God with us that we celebrate at the birth of Jesus this coming Christmas.
  • Advent week 1 2017
    Without hope our path leads to death. But perhaps our hope like canned and looped holiday music has lost some of its lustre. After 20 years, 40 years and 60 years this same call to hope may have us either yawning or gritting our teeth.
  • Advent Week 2
    We create our idols and then delight in the destruction our gods as if to say; “see, here I am, this is me and I have done this!” Evil must always hide behind a half-truth as the whole truth; subverting the power of good towards its own lack of substance, depth and force. All too often this becomes an addiction to the diversions of our ... See More
  • A Journey into the Desert Lent Sun 1
    The journey of Lent, a pilgrimage into the wilderness, is a process of redirecting our journey, seeking answers, seeking new ways and new encounters. As I reflect now however, I see how Jesus constantly withdrew into the wilderness for silence and solitude. Jesus’ priority for solitude and silence are to be found everywhere in the ... See More
  • All Souls
    All Souls
    1 Episode
    The tradition of the Church has always exhorted to pray for the deceased, in particular by offering for them the Eucharistic Celebration: that is the best spiritual help that we can give for their souls, particularly those abandoned the most.
    It is at the celebration of the mass that Christ brings together the past and the future into ... See More
  • All Souls 2019
    I know, trust and acknowledge, that I, and each one of us attuned to grace, are exactly where we need to be.

    Each of us must play our own instrument in the orchestra being conducted by Christ. We each use our particular knowledge and skill, listening attentively to the other instruments, yet watching carefully at the direction of the ... See More
    And that is what the soldiers did. Meanwhile, standing near the cross of Jesus were his mother, and his mother's sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene. When Jesus saw his mother and the disciple whom he loved standing beside her, he said to his mother, 'Woman, here is your son.' (Jn 19:25-26)

    Many women were ... See More
  • A New Dark Age of Man
    Lack of compassion, mercy and basic human kindness wears many faces in our world today. When it parades itself political power, it tears families apart, and we are dismayed. When it wears the mask of religious purity and the law, the exclusions that result become another truly destructive force within families and communities.
  • Ascension 2018 Our Divinization
    In Jesus Christ, risen and ascended into Heaven, we have an Advocate. But above all we have the hope of our own destiny. In no other time and in no other place has such good news for All God's creation been available to you and to me.
  • Ascension of the Lord 2019
    This gift of God is shared with us in the contemplative mind that becomes capable of moving beyond the duality of the ego with its constant need for affirmation. It is only here at the intercession of immanence and transcendence that we have the opportunity to let go of our own imaginings and images that are but a poor shadows of God’s ... See More
  • Assumption of Blessed Mary
    Mary, a real and historical woman, a wife and a mother who has been given to us as our mother and as an example. Someone we can associate with; a human person like you and me.
    Mary, our mother, assumed into heaven, give us the necessary courage to divest ourselves of those privileges and those exclusive rights that separate and dominate, especially the rights associated with those separated and ‘raised to the dignity of the priesthood'. Give us a taste of that wondrous beauty that is the intrinsic dignity ... See More
  • Baptism of the Lord 2019
    This is the nature of our human journey; the nature of our structures and organisations; the nature of religion itself… To claim for itself invincibility of right judgement, of orthodoxy. This is also the story of Scripture and the story of our woundedness; always claiming for ourselves that which can only be received as a gift.

    We ... See More
  • Bind & Loose; Reconciliation 23 SUNDAY
    Binding and loosing; the gift of reconciliation
  • Birth of John the Baptist Doubt & faith
    To know that you do not know can be a very uncomfortable experience.
    Out of the depths of silence, the story of John the Baptist speaks to us of doubt and unknowing.
  • Body & Blood 2019
    For God so loved the world …
    Time is like a single droplet of water within the vast ocean; time with a beginning and an end, time that is already accomplished and completed in the realm of eternity. This is the revelation of time not as an endless progression of more of the same, but as a creation of God that has a beginning and has an ... See More
  • Christmas original innocence
    The submarine Catholics, dronkies and the druggies, the lonely and the maudlin, the lost and the broken; the angry and the bitter; these are all to be found rubbing shoulders with the rest of us ‘regulars’ this one night of the year, all together at the Christmas midnight mass. Why are they here this one night of the year? What are they ... See More
  • Christ the King
    Jesus humbles and shames us with our own flirtation and intoxication with those same glittering splendid symbols of imperial power. How often have we used power to dominate rather than to serve? Lord forgive us.
    How often we use the symbols of imperial power and our own icons of domination to destroy and to poison the cultures of those ... See More
  • Christ the King - a Servant
    Paradox and contradiction confound us, unsettle us … set of teeth on edge.

    We want to be on the leader board, we want to stand out and be recognised, yet at the same time we embrace the anonymity of the crowd.
  • Corpus Christi One Body 2018
    When God speaks, it is and it has being; it is God’s embodiment into every time and all space; from the primordial black abyss of “nothingness”; God is “Birther of the Cosmos”. And so with St Francis we also sing “The Canticle of the Creatures”:
  • Divine Mercy  Sunday 2019
    The church is our mother and we so desperately need the compassion of a mother. Perhaps this lack of a motherly God image is the reason for our well-developed muscle of justice while Mercy hangs limply from the socket.
  • Divine Mercy Sunday Love needs Freedom
    This is the great doubt and the great need; the tension between Justice and Mercy; the tension between our great need for forgiveness and our desire for retribution.
  • Easter 4C 2019 Known & Being Known
    Truth is both a practice and a relationship. The more we practice truth, the clearer the voice of truth resonates with the truth that resides in our innermost being. The more we practice truth and hearken the resonating voice of truth, the more our illusions and fear recede. This is freedom, the freedom that is born out of truth. Out of ... See More
  • Easter 5C 2019 The discipleship of Love
    In the last months we have all been appalled by the images of cathedrals on fire, blood spattered churches, suffering and death, darkness and annihilation; surely this is defeat and disaster! If we do not view this through the eyes of the gospel and through the message of Easter, we ourselves can so easily be drawn into the darkness and ... See More
  • Easter 5 Sunday source of power
    Jesus has given us a clear mandate on how we are empowered and how that power will manifest itself.

    Remain in me— and me in you.
  • Easter 6C 2019
    To recover this Love and this Peace within Our Beloved Church, it is necessary to rebuild on foundations of mutual respect and service towards all God's people, loosening the bonds of exclusion and domination, freeing ourselves of the hierarchical, patriarchal bondage to the Empire of this world. Perhaps this is now only possible in ... See More
  • Easter Sunday 2018
    Jesus says to you, his beloved disciple, “this is where your hope and joy is to be found and I am going to prepare a place for you also so that where ‘I am’, you also may be”. This is the promise of Jesus in whom we trust. Darkness evil and death have been overcome and for you and for me, the world will never be the same again. Even in ... See More
  • Easter Sunday Morning 2019
    The suffering of Jesus of Nazareth; the full humanity of Jesus has been taken up into the Godhead. It is this very human suffering that has become the “stuff”, the raw material; suffering has become the very building blocks that God has transformed into the glory of the resurrection. Suffering has a meaning, has value.
    Lord our God, give us the strength to break down the walls of the Purgatory we have created for ourselves, our children and our children's children. Free those we have burdened by our entangled lies and deception.
  • Epiphany of the Lord 2019
    We live in a world full of mystery and paradox. Life, death, love, suffering and time itself move within our consciousness without having any apparent need of our cooperation or consent. Our articulation and attempts at manipulations of these realities often appear like a two-dimensional Bob trying to explain and capture a sunset in a ... See More
  • Feast of Holy Family 2019
    For all its sacredness and importance, natural family must always be subservient to higher family, the family of charity. Jesus, himself, clearly affirms this when he says, “Who are my mother, and brother and sisters? Those who hear the word of God and keep it!” This is God’s project and the blueprint for our own journey into the Heart ... See More
  • Feast of the Holy Family
    There is a monster in your home?

    To be human we need the ability to make and to keep promises. This ability develops on a framework of empathy, compassion and respect. These are traits that like love, are not natural to the human species but have to be learnt! Like all things however, we can’t give what we ain’t got, so monsters and ... See More
  • Fourth Advent Humility & self esteem
    A well-developed sense of humility shines through in our behavior toward others. They feel affirmed, appreciated, encouraged, validated, and physically nourished. Most of us are powerfully drawn to people who treat us this way, like bees to flowers.
  • Heart Wisdom - Finding Peace
    The wisdom of our Franciscan heritage warns us that the virtue of humility has an altogether special statute: it is possessed by those who think they do not have it, and it is not possessed by those who think they have it.
  • Holy Family 2018
    Jesus, Mary and Joseph are given to us today to honour and as the model of what a family should be, yet there can be only one holy family of Nazareth. This doesn’t look anything like our own families. Mary, the mother, holy and conceived without sin and her son, the Son of God. And then there is the husband and the provider, Joseph who ... See More
  • How to free myself Sunday 4B
    “Whatever an enemy might do to an enemy, or a foe to a foe, the ill-directed mind can do to you even worse.” We all have them; thoughts that swirl and dance between coherence and nonsense, between useful and corrosive and between yesterday and tomorrow. These are the thoughts that enslave us. These are the thoughts that can erupt as bile ... See More
  • Lean on Me: 22nd Sunday
    Look closely at the image of the lover’s; soulmates. See how their heads incline towards each other.
  • Lent 5C 2019
    Our Lenten journey into the desert calls on each one of us to examine not only our motives, attitudes and actions, but to fall in love once more with Jesus who continues to come to us, to call us and to walk with us. Perhaps we have replaced this love with the love of a corporate church of buildings, pomp and ceremony.
  • lent Sunday 4 2018
    The God of beginnings and our first ancestor is portrayed as neither a warrior, a King nor a ridged judge, but firstly, as a gardener, a planter, a protector and nurturer of all life. It is into a garden that God has planted that our first parents are invited to work with God in this endeavour of tending the earth.
  • Lent Sunday 4 C 2019
    The prodigal son represents all of humanity. For all have sinned and need God’s forgiveness. At another level it represents each one of us who have received a great inheritance, graces and gifts but we also have wasted them on things that we thought would make us happy, would make us famous and popular. But the emptiness remained!
    Yet even now as I remember and I write, those times of forgetfulness do come. These times come when I feel threatened, fearful, alone or forlorn. These are my blind spots returning me to the drama of my story; return me to the faces I wear for the different things I do.
  • Palm Sunday 2018
    Judas has now left the community of the disciples. He has become the first bad Catholic. He has betrayed the fellowship, the community of the Lord, the Church.

    But Jesus has a work to complete. He heads off to the Garden of Gethsemane, followed by his dazed and disheartened disciples. Let us go too, in all our weakness and hesitation. ... See More
  • Palm Sunday 2019 Overcoming the Chaos
    The great story of Palm Sunday and enfolds us also in God’s story. We are there with the crowds accompanying Jesus into the city. We are present to each other and to Jesus as we walk together, waving palms and olive branches chanting God’s praises. Swaying and singing together as one people, the darkness cannot stop us, the bloodshed ... See More
  • Pentecost Source of Joy
    For the world of sound bites, hope usually means that we make ourselves believe that everything is going to turn out all right. We use the word hope lightly and cheaply. This is not the hope of Christians.
    We must be icons of hope, a people with a new vision, a people that learn to see the world through the lenses of Christ, the ... See More
  • Pentecost Sunday 2019
    The youth of today are no longer interested in the excuses, scapegoating and mechanizations of our powerful corporate or religious institutions that seek to separate and manipulate. They see all too clearly the reality of what has resulted in the world around them in which there is a great disconnect between the actions of the elite and ... See More
  • Reasons for our Joy Advent 3
    John the Baptist prepared the way for the Anointed One and pointed him out. Today John is the model for every one of us: we are called be prophets in our world; we are called to bear witness to the Christ; in the wilderness of human greed, injustice, and falsehood we are called to make known the cause of our joy who is Jesus, the Christ.
  • Second Lent C 2019
    There is a pattern that we find in the life of Jesus that unfolds on the high places, those places where God was sought and the places of encounter. These high places are however also the places of the great temptation of power, prestige and popularity. The desert fathers and mothers knew all too well that when we seek the good, evil ... See More
  • Second Sunday of Lent 2018
    The journey of Lent for each one of us is bound as a chapter of a book within 40 days, yet it is neither temporal nor individual. It is the journey of a people, a nation and a family. From the beginnings of God’s breath kissed into our earthly moulded forms we come to acknowledge our created connectedness to the earth and to god.
  • Sixth Sunday of Easter True Love
    The window period for the development of the ability to love as well as the development of language and cognitive skills is about three to four years. From this evidence we are forced to conclude that Love is something that has to be initiated within us. Apologies to all you Tarzan lovers. We always come to others with a love which we ... See More
  • Solemnity of All Saints
    So, we are all made saints already, by our baptism, by the Eucharist, by the redeeming love of Jesus. But somehow we have to catch up with our best selves of who we really are.
  • Solemnity of Christ the King
    My soul is touched by the sovereign source of all that is, who is love that must for ever in this present moment called “Now” give everything that it is to the other. Love knows and acknowledges the other and can do no other because love flows with light that is both separate entity yet one with the other. Love totally given, totally ... See More
  • Spiritual Awakening
    Spiritual awakening is an invitation, a choice and a commitment.

    Letting go of old paradigms, old ways of seeing, and old ways of acting and reacting feels like death; the cost is everything.
  • Spiritual Maturity - The beginners Mind
    Seeing God as a gardener I am able to attune to the presence and the participation of God in my life.
  • Sunday 22 C Pride & Judgement
    How do we judge? How do we choose? How do we respond?
    White supremacy, False pride, Black pride, Gay pride; the noblest of virtues or deadly sin; pride has a social history!
  • Sunday 25 B Selfishness & Destruction
    We all know selfish people, often they are without empathy and downright mean. Yet each one of us is selfish from time to time. Society encourages our striving to be at the top of the pile; to be winners, shakers and movers. Social media and advertising sell us on the illusions on what we need to look like, what we must own and where we ... See More
  • Sunday 26B Envy & Penance
    Each one of us knows the enemy.
    Envy and jealousy are ignited by pride and vanity, stoked by selfishness and must eventually explode in anger which is displayed in many ways, from copious tears to kicking the dog.
  • Sunday 27 B Marriage & Divorce
    Our history as the human species shows that we desperately cling to what we think we know often long past its’ sell by date. George Bernard Shaw noted that, “All great truths begin as blasphemies”.

    Beyond religious fundamentalism, intolerance has just as often come from within the ranks of the scientific community itself. As Arthur ... See More
  • Sunday 28B Finding Delight
    The Lover delights in the delight of the beloved. The Source of Love takes delight in our delight. This is not some angry and distant deity that seeks obedience to some arbitrary ordinances and law. This is God wants us to have life and life to the full. God who desires that we take delight in creation as God also takes delight in “what ... See More
  • Sunday 29B Manipulation
    The gospel vision of the kingdom of God based on a shared discipleship of equality has been interwoven with the symbolism of Roman, hierarchical patriarchy. This narrative is now starting to unravel and no amount of scapegoats’ blood seems able to glue this body back together again. Outdated institutionalised paradigms of power are being ... See More
  • Sunday 30B 2018
    We are fearful people. Fear has become home, an obvious dwelling place, and an acceptable foundation on which to make our decisions and to plan our lives. Those whom we fear have a great power over us. Those who can make us afraid can also make us do what they want us to do. Fear and power walk hand in hand.
    Power is wielded by ... See More
  • Sunday 31 B 2018
    In a dying world, an age of rage threatens to overtake us! In such a time of danger we need to return to beginnings; the Light and Love that once overcame that first darkness and chaos. It is this Light and Love that can once more protect us and guide us. God is with us; Love is with us and the Light has come into the world, and the ... See More
  • Sunday 32 B A Widows' Mite
    Where have we as church been gazing as our mites have been used for the accumulation of wealth and property that now makes our beloved Catholic Church the second biggest registered landowner in the world; owning 12% of all habitable land on earth.
  • Sunday 33B Light & Knowing
    Each one of us comes, at some time, to an experience of darkness; an annihilation; the end of our lives, as we had experienced them up to a particular crises. Our world falls apart in those days and there is no safe place to stand; a time of distress when the sun is darkened, the moon loses its brightness, the stars come falling from ... See More
  • Sunday 3 Lent: Cleansing the Temple
    God’s hand stopped the offering by Abraham of the son Isaac and stopped human blood sacrifice. God has now re-entered the temple in Jerusalem to stop animal blood sacrifice... Once we have glimpsed this heart of darkness within ourselves, there is a sort of melancholy that we need to overcome on our journey back towards the light that is ... See More
  • Sunday 3 Year C 2019
    The experience of Jesus brings us into direct relationship and experience of Truth.
    This is the witness of the Saints and this is the promise of Jesus the Christ. When we hear and attune ourselves to the Trinitarian procession of kenotic love, there is nothing in the heavens or the earth that can replace this Joy of Love. This joy of ... See More
  • Sunday 4 Easter 2018 Good Shepherd
    Sometimes the entire global village has to come face-to-face with this reality as we gaze on the shattered limbs of Syrian children. Where is the Good Shepherd in the midst of all of this? Where is the shepherd that will sanitize all that is wrong with the world, who will clean up all that is messy and misplaced in our lives?
  • Sunday 5 of Lent - The Glory of God
    To hold on to truth or to love as a possession of the self is like a bird trying to fly with one wing. This receiving and letting go is the process that Jesus speaks of; freely receiving and freely giving. This is the basis of God’s creative love. Should we try and grab hold this for ourselves, death follows; without God there is only ... See More
  • Sunday 6 C Beatitudes Luke
    In our Christian lives we are not called to seek suffering and destitution, our calling as disciples is to proclaim the kingdom of God in which we are all brothers and sisters given the good things of this world to share. As our Franciscan St Bonaventure said, “When we disdain the gift of the beloved, we disdain that beloved. When we ... See More
  • Sunday Lent 3 C 2019
    We live in a world of restless anxiety where much of our relationships are based on the commercialisation of love, the Babylon effect. Our cherished world of winners and losers bases integrity upon expediency, the exchange of affection for “fish love”. This creates the cognitive dissonance between our desire to love and be loved and our ... See More
  • Sunday reflections from the Hermitage
    Weekly reflections from hermitage on the Sunday Gospel
  • Sunday Three of Easter
    In Jesus’ name, repentance for the forgiveness of sins would be preached to all the nations, beginning from Jerusalem.
    Whichever translation we are using, this is the simple and straightforward message of Jesus for his disciples to carry to all the nations. They were given no books, doctrines, dogmas or catechism. All that they carried ... See More
  • Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
    Envy is the sin of fallen angels, “I will not serve;
    I am of the light and they are of the earth”, I
    deserve more, I am worth more. “Through the
    devil's envy death entered the world, and those who
    belong to his party experience it.” Envy leads to
    death just as Cain killed Abel and the first murder
    victim’s blood soaked the ... See More
  • The flowering of Presence
    In the silence of the Hermitage all fear, expectations and impatience gives way to a new humble and joyful way of being with the Beloved. Beyond the artistry of philosophy, I perceive this continual opening up of the flower of presence as the fountainhead of love and the source of all wisdom. I trust that I will know when I need to know, ... See More
  • The Peace we Seek Sunday 3 2018
    OUR JOURNEY INTO GOD: Seeking friendship with God; The Divinization of humanity and the domestication of God

    All of us seek happiness, yet our inner peace so often escapes us. We have momentary glimpses of happiness that evaporate as quickly as the many distractions that we seek or the next fearful and angry encounter.
    Jesus made a ... See More
  • The Storm 19th Sunday in Year A
    This is not some simple and naive faith that believes that I am separate from the suffering around me, but rather a faith that leads me into the heart of the terror of history; to allow myself to become very “raw material”, the “staff” that is used to transform our world into a new kingdom. It is not my courage or my endurance that is ... See More
  • The Way of Jesus
    “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Then in the darkness with nowhere to stand, I come face to face with that divine generosity, abundance and oneness of hearts that beats in all creation as in heaven above. Here is found unutterable kenotic love that only the music of poetry recalls.
  • Third Sunday of Easter 2019
    Each one of us, no matter what our status, is the church, is a part of the body and is subject to rebuke and correction; no one can be excluded for all have sinned and fall short of the commandment of Love. Let our rebuke and correction be transparent, equal but always with compassion and the same mercy that God has shown to us. Let us ... See More
  • Transfiguration: the light goes out
  • Trinity Sunday C 2019
    Historical time, seen as a single drop of spray from the wave above the ocean's depths. Each of our lives as a tiny atom within that drop of spray is contained within the immensity of eternity. We see this as fragmented and separate, yet all are connected. The atom within the drop and the drop within the spray; the spray within the ... See More
  • Trinity Sunday Symphonic Dance
  • What do you Desire: Sun 2 Year B
    What do you desire? What do you really, really desire?
    Hollywood betrays the original form of the angel, Lucifer Morningstar coming to the City of Angels, wary, resentful, rebellious and bored from his time in hell.

    Lucifer is a reflection of the human spirit seen without its counterfeit smile of “goodwill”.
  • When Wells run dry: Sunday 6B

    Life is water and the heart is a Wellspring.
    Originally it moves in natural cycles, but it may run dry
    when no longer in use.
    When there is no water in the well, the heart is dry.
    When the water is so clear that the bottom of the well can be seen, the heart is empty.
    Whereas a dry heart is useless,
    an ... See More
  • Whitespace ADVENT Sunday 1 2019
    ... sometimes we also, like the Roman centurion, are not ready to receive Jesus into our hearts and into our life. Now we are called once more to a time of preparation, time to create whitespace in our lives. Just as whitespace on a page or screen creates beauty by giving your eyes a place to rest, spiritual whitespace of those sacred ... See More
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